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Unlikely PlacesContains Adult Content

by Charlotte Mills
published 26 Jun 2014
added 23 Mar 2017
Fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Romance

Chapter One, page 1-2


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Two hundred and twenty fucking hours! Are they fucking kidding? " I slammed the car door quickly escaping... keep on reading


Out of the BlueContains Adult Content

by Charlotte Mills
published 20 Aug 2016
added 23 Mar 2017
Fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Romance

Chapter 1

I gathered my paperwork for the impending meeting; I hated first contact meetings. They always felt awkward, at least for me. I always deferred to my... keep on reading


Journey to YouContains Adult Content

by Charlotte Mills
published 21 Jun 2015
added 23 Mar 2017
Fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Romance

Chapter 1

I fiddled with my pen as I read and re-read the email. The rising din in the main office was making it difficult to concentrate, to the extent that the... keep on reading


Latent MemoriesContains Adult Content

by Charlotte Mills
published 05 Nov 2016
added 23 Mar 2017
Fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Romance

During my six months in the rehab centre, I had spent long hours working in the grounds. At first it was difficult as I struggled to regain the delicate... keep on reading


fiX - A ParaBnormal Fairy Tale

by Michael Golvach
published 30 Nov -0001
added 03 Mar 2017
Fiction: Romance, Spiritual

Chapter I - Prologue - Once Upon A Time - I: "What I Did This Summer" by Davey Fitz

This summer I stayed a district away from home at my favourite uncle’s house. Actually, to be honest, I’m not really sure he’s related to... keep on reading


Talk To Me

by Donna M. Zadunajsky
published 30 Nov -0001
added 27 Feb 2017
Fiction: Young Adult, Drama

Chapter One

1| Truth



If you had the power to stop something from happening, would you do it? I mean bad... keep on reading


Tough Karma: A Race Against TimeContains Adult Content

by Laura Simmons
published 30 Nov -0001
added 20 Feb 2017
Fiction: Romance, Suspense

Chapter 1 - Sad September, Pages 1-4

She was too devastated to cry. The shock of losing Belle early that morning upset her beyond tears. Bryce, her sister Jenny, and Amber’s other cousin... keep on reading


Positioned for Power

by Angeline Lawrence
published 30 Nov -0001
added 17 Feb 2017
Non-Fiction: Inspirational, Self-Help

Chapter 2 Staying at Top of Your Game

In our careers or professions, many of us already have a regimen that helps us stay on top of our game. The same applies to our spirits and relationships... keep on reading


Walking Between Two worlds, from the known to the unknown

by Connie Howell
published 15 Feb 2017
added 17 Feb 2017
Non-Fiction: Spiritual, Self-Help

What's It Like to be Psychic

Chapter 1:
What’s it like to be psychic?

Some people remember being able to see the invisible worlds at a young age. I don’t... keep on reading


Looking Glass FriendsContains Adult Content

by E. L. Neve
published 30 Nov -0001
added 16 Feb 2017
Fiction: Romance, Fiction - General

1: A Face

The man lying on the bed did not care that his room had grown dark. In the dying sunset the gun in his hand became a logical conclusion to his thoughts, an... keep on reading


Millie's Angel

by Kim Petersen
published 09 Feb 2017
added 15 Feb 2017
Fiction: Anthologies and Collections,

Chapter Three: Appreciating the Garden

After Emily had left, Millie lingered upon the cobblestones for a while longer, soaking in the quiet beauty that nature displayed before her with a swell of... keep on reading


Jet's Story: Finding My Forever Home

by Karen Mork & Jaime Shae
published 30 Nov -0001
added 14 Feb 2017
Fiction: Children's Books,


One grey morning, two puppies found themselves all alone.  In a cage.  In a pet shop.  In a town on the Gold Coast, in south-eastern... keep on reading


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