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Millie's Angel
Published in Australia
Fiction - Anthologies and Collections

Print: 978-1-925595-31-4
ePub: 978-1-92295-33-1
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Date of Publication: 09 Feb 2017
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Millie's Angel

Kim Petersen

Published by MoshPit Publishing

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Empowering, liberating and completely captivating, this novel will capture your heart and leave you feeling inspired…


What if you’ve accumulated enough light from lives past to shine that light brighter than ever before in this embodiment? And what if you could learn to consciously charge that light into an artist’s canvas destined to reach the most influential people around the world?

 Love. Faith. Charity & Healing - The world needs the illuminating rays of each. For Millie, the path that stretches before her is an emotionally driven lesson about the laws of love and hate before she becomes ready enough to learn of her gifts that will help shift the collective consciousness of the world.

Set in the southern suburbs of Sydney, life would be normal for Millie if not for the loud echo of silence that often filled the old walls of the house - and if her father would stop looking at her as if she were a ghost.

Millie’s life is turned upside down one afternoon when she discovers her mother beaten and bleeding upon the sheets of her bed. With the cold chill of dread churning through the pit of her stomach, Millie anguishes over who may be responsible for her mother’s brutal attack. In her darkest hour she ironically finds solace within the visionary coloured angel wings that appear before her.

Life becomes even more awkward when Millie’s mother returns from hospital with a secret plan to leave her family behind. She knows the evil her husband is capable of, and has kept remnants from the past within the confines of a hidden box for many years. Struggling between the unyielding love she has for her children, and the guilt that plagues her, she follows through with her plan to leave and flees the twisted clutches of her disturbed husband.

With her mother gone, Millie is left to govern a life with a father she loves dearly, yet struggles to comprehend the dark force she knows shadows beneath his surface. Thank god for Emily and Damon - the wild neighbour that becomes her cherished friend and the boy that captures her heart.

Through the battles they all face and the love and tragedy that touches each of their lives, Millie, Emily and Damon find haven and strength within the bond of their friendships.

Four years later Millie discovers a box that reveals secrets she would rather not face. Revealing long kept secrets that reawaken her father’s inner demon to avenge the wife that betrayed him. With the quest for blood driving his determination, he finds his life becomes centred on a deadly game of hunter and quarry.

Discover the secrets, heartbreak and denial that appear determined to taint the days of Millie’s life as she ponders the power of thought and imagination between her divine encounters with an angel.

When the day arrives that Millie realises the blessings of her own angelic gift – an event that will change her life forever- you will find your spirits uplifted as you resonate, laugh and cry in this heart-warming, thought-provoking suspenseful family saga.


Chapter Three: Appreciating the Garden

After Emily had left, Millie lingered upon the cobblestones for a while longer, soaking in the quiet beauty that nature displayed before her with a swell of appreciation dancing in her heart. She watched two butterflies with big black and blue wings flutter by before pausing in front of her and showing off their radiance as if trying to communicate the secret of their fluttery language. She voiced a “hello” to them as they hovered before her for a moment before fluttering about her head in quiet enchantment for a few minutes. They finally took a moment to rest on a leaf in the garden near where she sat. The charm she found among her surroundings heightened the wellbeing she experienced. She felt in tune with the butterflies and the trees in the garden, and when she heard the trees rustle in the breeze and the gentle chirping of birds, a great feeling of happiness washed over her.

Millie found the special moment interrupted when she heard the front door open and the heavy fall of footsteps across the floor inside the house.

“Goodbye beautiful butterflies,” she whispered, as her gaze scanned the unruly garden. “Goodbye garden.” She sprang to her feet and ran through the back-porch screen door, eager to greet her mother.


Chapter Six: The last Goodbye

The ripple of his laugh prompted Lilly to continue murmuring, whispering cherished “sweet nothings” – a special little game she would play with her children at bedtime when they were very young. Ace’s laugh was contagious and Lilly found herself giggling along with him, while relishing the moments of delight she had persuaded from him.

When their laughter had finally subsided, a shadow of sorrow crossed her eyes as they moved longingly over her son’s features for the last time. Shaking the loose blonde tresses of her hair, Lilly gulped back the flood of tears that threatened to spill as she said her final goodbye to her son. “You will always be my baby boy, Ace. Remember that I love you very much.”

She walked over to the door of his bedroom and paused one last time to look upon her content drowsy son. “Sweet dreams,” she choked.

“Good night, Mum. I love you too,” Ace said dreamily with a faint smile on his rosy lips. Then he turned his back towards her, hugging Benny Boy close to his chest, and closed his eyes.

As she shut Ace’s bedroom door behind her, Lilly quietly leaned against the flimsy plywood of the door, fighting the urge to crumble in a heap to the floor. She resisted the intense impulse to scoop her sleeping son up in her arms and bundle him away with her into the night. I can’t! Lilly wrestled with herself, Glen will surely hunt me down!

Squeezing her eyes shut, she willed herself to press on with her plans. Then, with all her might, she steeled herself against the ache in her heart and practised the detachment that had been her comforting friend through her ordeal, and sprang into action. There was not much time.

Chapter Twenty-one: Where did she go?

He watched the pale body of a woman he had barely known with deranged fascination. He watched her until the light of the afternoon faded. Where had she gone? Trance-like thoughts ran through his confused mind as he pondered the finality of death for the first time in his life. He found the vulnerability which the breath of life hinged on to be captivating. He watched as the formidable cloud that had shrouded him shifted to reveal the smallest part of him that still loved, still felt and still yearned for the light to bask over him.

He moved to cradle the weight of her head in his lap, and began to rock back and forth. “I’m sorry … I’m sorry,” he whimpered, as memories of the loss of his mother bubbled to the surface and trembled through him. Tears fell freely and he moaned as he struggled to come to terms with taking a life. He wept for Cathy and for the boy he used to be; and most of all, the mother he had loved so much. “Mummy … Mummy …” His body shook with choking sobs while he gently stroked the blonde hair he cradled tenderly. Where did she go? “Why did she have to leave me?” he cried.

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Surprise Return

She tried to clear the persistent tickle in her throat, and dragged her eyes away from his gaze. He had always been exceptional at deciphering her mood through her eyes, and she couldn’t risk him seeing the remnants of feelings that remained within her for him.

“Well, I guess you’ve seen me. Now, you can leave,” she said.

“Millie.” Damon ran his fingers through his hair.

She held the palm of her hand up to him. “Damon, what did you expect? A warm welcome? A gushing rush into your arms? You dumped me. I wrote to you and told you about … you left me alone to …” Her voice faltered.

“To what Millie?”

“Never mind. It doesn’t even matter anymore.” She shook her head. “I have a different life now.”

Damon’s eyes grew wide. “You wrote to me? I never heard back from you, Millie. I must have called a thousand times before your number went dead … and so many letters.”

“Yes I wrote you!” she snapped. “I gave the letter to my father to post with his mail.”

His eyes taunted her. Why has he come back now? she thought. Yet somehow, she knew that he always would return, thanks to that trusty old whisper within her.

Damon regarded her closely before clearing the lump in his own throat. “It was your father I last spoke with on the phone. He told me that you had moved out. After that I couldn’t get through anymore.”

“What are you suggesting, Damon?” her eyes narrowed at him as she attempted to piece together this new information. It can’t be so … she churned.

He smiled. “I have taken a fondness to this particular piece.” He stared at the canvas that attracted his interest.

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