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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to FORD'S THEATER
Published in United States
Non-Fiction - Children's Books, History

Print: 978-0988503045
Mobi: B01MUBH9BN

Date of Publication: 22 Oct 2014
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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to FORD'S THEATER

Barbara Ann Mojica

Published by eugenus®STUDIOS

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A single shot rings out; laughter turns to tears. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated, and history is changed forever. The theater is closed and later collapses. Is Ford’s Theater forever cursed or will it rise again to greater glory? Winner of the 2015 Independent Author Network Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Children's Book.

Ford's Theater started out as a meeting house for the First Baptist Church of Washington in 1833 with Obadiah Bruen Brown as its first pastor.

In 1861 John T. Ford renovated it into a theater called Ford's Athenaeum.

President Lincoln and his wife Mary attended the stage play Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater. John Wilkes Booth, an actor and Southern sympathizer, snuck into their box at the theater and shot the President in the head.

Today there are three museums: one in Ford's Theater, one across the street at Petersen House, and one in the Center for Education and Leadership, next door to the Petersen House.

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