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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park
Published in United States
Non-Fiction - Children's Books, History

Print: 978-1497366398

Date of Publication: 16 Mar 2014
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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park

Barbara Ann Mojica

Published by eugenus®STUDIOS

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Since her last expedition to the Statue of Liberty, Little Miss HISTORY is flying across the North American continent to the recesses of Sequoia National Park, where she is skydiving into its forest! Here in the "land of the living giants," the reader will learn about the differences between redwood and sequoia trees and of its first inhabitants and wildlife. Through breathtaking illustrations, adventurers will traverse its trails and immerse themselves in the awesome beauty and magnificence of Sequoia National Park. Readers will also discover the hidden dangers lurking there.

Many people confuse sequoia trees with redwood trees. Can you tell the difference?

Why are sequoia trees important? The wood resists fire and decay. It is used to make trestle bridges and railroad ties.

At the Lodgepole Visitor Center, you can see exhibits of the geologic history of the park, the Native American inhabitants, and the local wildlife.

The Sequoia National Park has the worst air pollution of any national park in the United States. Why? Can you think of ways to solve this problem?

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