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The Outbreak of A Monstrous Infection
Published in United States
Fiction - Thriller, Crime

Print: 9781535616010

Date of Publication: 31 Jan 2019
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The Outbreak of A Monstrous InfectionContains Adult Content

Dr. Afshan N. Hashmi

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A monstrous infection is spreading worldwide. Is this a simple infection or a deliberate attempt to ruin the human population, or bio-terrorism? What is this global infection and who is spreading this? To know that, read this suspense-filled book by an Amazon best-selling and hot #1 new-release author of a previous book called The Modern Mughal Mentality: New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace. In the author's second book, a sizzling science-fiction story, a crime is investigated by the FBI in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of India.

Excerpt 1

In a sprawling bungalow in Potomac, Maryland, USA, lived Dr. Honey Singh, a board-certified internal-medicine and family practice physician, along with his beautiful wife, Baby Singh. Baby Singh was a fashionista and was funding women’s causes through her Honeybabe foundation.

Excerpt 2

In Hollywood celebrities were also having the symptoms, along with many dignitaries in Washington, DC, who had attended the wedding. The CBI of India, in collaboration with the FBI, was now involved in investigating this mystery illness. People in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood were going berserk over this mystery illness.

Excerpt 3

People were in panic mode, as there was no specific medicine or vaccine----

Excerpt 4

Nobody knew what was going on except that the joint statement by the FBI and CBI was given that it was some kind of mystery illness, which-------

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