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Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing
Published in United States
Non-Fiction - Mind, Body and Spirit, Self-Help

Print: 978-1508510659

Date of Publication: 16 Feb 2015
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Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing

Heidi DuPree, RN, CTN

Published by Createspace

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Discover your true source of power, health and happiness. 

Are you experiencing upheaval in your life and a lack of success and fulfillment related to your health, relationships or career path? Do you feel called to work with social and environmental problems, bring healing and knowledge to others, or make a difference in the world – but are unable to realize your greater aspirations?  

Winner of 13 national and international book awards, Awaken Your Greater Health is the roadmap to guide you out of the turmoil to where greater energies can rule your life. Through practical information on energy medicine and true-life stories of transformation, you will learn how to clear the way to your “inner castle” – the sanctuary within you where power, health and happiness come from. You will discover:

-- How to recognize the energy dynamics involved in the shift to greater health

-- How to awaken your authentic self and remember your wholeness

-- How to use Energy Medicine First Aid when you become “triggered” into negative thoughts and emotions

-- How to become a fully-conscious healing presence in the world

-- How to connect with your life purpose by healing your broken heart

-- How to revolutionize your health, relationships and career by practicing eight Energy Medicine Daily Care skills

                          Experience transformation in body, mind and spirit.

2015 Nautilus Book Awards: Winner of Silver in Health & Healing

2015 Living Now Book Awards for Better Living: Winner of Gold Medal in Metaphysics

2015 International Book Awards: Award-Winning Finalist in Health/Alternative Medicine

2015 National Indie Exellence Book Awards: Award-Winning Finalist in Alternative Medicine

2015 USA Best Book Awards: Award-Winning Finalist in Alternative Medicine and Spirituality

2015 Global Ebook Awards: Bronze Award in Health

2015 New York Book Festival: Honorable Mention in Spirituality

2015 Green Book Festival: Winner in Health & Wellness

2016 Readers Favorite: Bronze Medal Winner in Spiritual

  • 2016 Book Excellence Awards Award-Winning Finalist in Body/Mind/Spirit
  • 2016 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Gold Award in Self-Help & Wellness
  • ​2017 Independent Press Awards Winner in Alternative Medicine

A Peculiar Parable

Once upon a time...there was a great and powerful king who was wise, all-knowing, generous and kind. But a childish and tyrannical peasant locked him in a dungeon and took over the kingdom. He had all pictures of the King and any evidence of his existence destroyed, and declared that no one was allowed to speak of him again.

When the peasant felt sad, he banned all celebrations in the kingdom, outlawed expressions of happiness and demanded that everyone wear black. When the peasant became angry, he declared war on neighboring villages, who in turn waged war against the kingdom. He would react to the slightest of insults, locking up anyone who dared question him. The peasant monitored every movement within the kingdom and every word uttered by the villagers, suppressing any sign of rebellion. He could not afford for any of the villagers to remember their source of power and freedom – their King – for the peasant lived in fear of losing control over the kingdom.

Eventually all the buildings in the kingdom were damaged by war. And as time passed, the people became worn down from the constant threats to their well-being. Stress and poverty ravaged the population. They trudged through each day with heavy hearts, feeling more and more ill. The never-ending demands and whims of the peasant had depleted the material resources of the kingdom and the spirit of its people, as well.

The final blow came when the ongoing conflict prompted neighboring villages to impose total trade prohibitions with the kingdom. With all incoming flow of resources into the kingdom effectively blocked and the coffers emptied, the people were plunged into hopelessness and despair. But they felt powerless to stop the peasant. In fact, they had no idea that changing the situation was even possible. And the once great and powerful king had long been completely forgotten, exactly as the peasant had intended. 

 Does this parable sound strange to you? Unfortunately, it’s a picture of the energy dynamics of how we really live! The littlest, most fearful and controlling aspect of ourselves is usually in charge of parts, if not all, of our lives – our inner “kingdom.” And the wise and all-knowing aspect of ourselves is forgotten. We expend our resources and emotional capital while being blocked from the greater source of health and total life prosperity – ending up sick, unhappy and depleted. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve written this book to help you create a fulfilling, healthy and prosperous life. I will show you how to rediscover who you really are, and guide you in shifting from surviving to thriving.






Preface: Are You Experiencing the Trend?


“The world is now demanding that we change. And fast.”    ~Seth Godin

There is an increase in consciousness in all areas of our culture. And that trend is accelerating. People from all walks of life are awakening to their higher purpose and an urge to make a difference in the world. By “awakening,” I mean that wisdom which we already have, but is just below the surface of our conscious awareness becomes suddenly… obvious. The awakened aspire to solve social and environmental problems, bring healing and knowledge to others and be a part of something that really matters. As we awaken we can feel restless, isolated, disoriented, frightened, sensitive and detached from our physical body. During this awakening process we can experience periods of loss, sadness, upheaval and increased awareness of our intuition.

Although wave after wave of people are awakening they can be ineffective because they are approaching their newly awakened life through the wounds of the past. They are applying old energy to new situations and discovering it doesn’t work. More and more individuals want to be a positive and helpful presence in their relationships, their careers and in the world – but they don’t know how to effectively do so. To have a passion to make a difference in the world, but not have the information and tools to effectively manifest that passion in life can be heartbreaking. (My own heart-wrenching experience is part of what prompted me to write this book.)

            At the same time that segments of the population are experiencing an increase in consciousness and spiritual awareness, there is a counter-movement of those who are experiencing an increase in fear and resistance. As relationships break apart, jobs are lost, health deteriorates and violence grows, the population is becoming divided between those who are embracing these life events as catalysts for growth and increased consciousness and those in whom these changes have sparked intensifying fear and resistance. This polarization is happening in every aspect of our culture and within each of us. We all have a choice to become more willing, courageous, generous and loving; or to become more fearful, reactive, rigid and resistant. Although we are always acceptable no matter what we choose, to experience greater health we must leave the energy of force, anger, fear, apathy, guilt and shame behind.    

The Journey Continues

When my first published book, The Other Medicine That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Can Help You Heal in Body Mind and Spirit, was released I began to hear from readers how it changed their lives. They shared with me their powerful healing responses just from reading it and their “ah-ha” moments when recognizing themselves and their issues in the healing stories. Readers also shared how the book had empowered them in discovering who they really are, and in choosing energy medicine for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health issues. Some wrote to me about how the book had inspired them to reach out and help others. I was gratified to hear that the book was fulfilling the intentions I had set for it. But the energy of the helpful desires of some readers did concern me.

While many readers bought multiple copies to give as no-strings-attached gifts to family and friends, others seemed to be using the book as a means to apply pressure to friends and family who had not yet experienced an awakening in consciousness, or were actually going in the opposite direction and becoming more unconscious.

One woman contacted me, deeply concerned about her husband. He was experiencing nightmares and rage spells after traumatic experiences as a soldier in Iraq. The woman conveyed that her husband was very reluctant to obtain help on his own and how desperate she was for him to receive energy healing therapy.

“Perhaps I could tell him that it’s a massage,” she said. “That will get him in the door without knowing what it really is.”

Another reader contacted me requesting advice on how to get her resistant daughter to use energy medicine for an eating disorder. And a third reader asked if I could speak on the phone with a skeptical and unsupportive friend who had refused to read the book, to convince him of the validity of energy medicine.    

I feel a lot of compassion for those who have a strong desire to help others. As we learn and evolve, we naturally want to help others do the same. But I also know that you can’t trick, fix, convert, or coerce someone into changing their life and healing the energetic disruptions that are causing their negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and health issues. They have to be willing to consider a different approach. In fact, these forceful approaches toward others and ourselves to create change only add to fear and resistance.

Everyone has their own plan for their life. Each of us has a path to follow that prepares us for awakening in our own timetable, if we choose to. And no matter what we choose, we are completely acceptable. Even choices that don’t turn out as we hoped can ultimately contribute to our growth.

I recognized that these readers needed more information in healing “victim consciousness” – the state of energy when viewing the outside world as the cause of misery. They had shifted from victim to rescuer on the model of human interaction developed by psychotherapist Stephen Karpman. Karpman’s model is also referred to as the drama triangle. When we have been wounded, we can get stuck in the drama triangle, forever living through the characters of victim, persecutor and rescuer. But there is another way, which we will discuss in more detail later.

And then there were readers who contacted me who had devoured the book cover to cover, some reading it multiple times, assimilated the knowledge, applied it to their lives with positive results and were ready for… more. As they awakened, they recognized the areas of their lives where they were still in their wounds. Although they had evolved in some areas, they felt lost in others. They wanted to know more about how to transform their health, their relationships, their careers and their lives.

            The truth is, like these readers, I was ready for more too. I was ready for the next shift in this journey of life.


The Shift 

             In The Other Medicine That Really Works, I shared my story of healing from cancer, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, childhood sexual abuse and attachment issues through the use of energy medicine. The healing occurred on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and was accompanied by a dramatic shift in consciousness. My life as I knew it, the things I believed about myself as a victim unworthy of love and acceptance – it all cracked apart as I began to wake up.

During this time of awakening I was working as a clinical nurse. But I was in conflict and frustrated on a daily basis in a pill-oriented, task-centered, forceful, materialistic work environment. I was ready for a new way of thinking and being. I wanted to connect with something greater than substance. This shift in my life was one from the material world to the spiritual world – from doing to being. This internal shift translated into a career change from Western medicine to energy medicine, and from clinical nurse to holistic nurse and traditional naturopath.

            On the other side of this transformational process, my personal life was filled with happiness and contentment. My health was wonderful and my work life was brimming with satisfaction and fulfillment as I facilitated and witnessed the transformation of clients in my energy healing practice. But twenty years after my first “cracking open” experience, I was plunged into another. With the release of my first published book, the illusion that I am a shy, reclusive person incapable of a public life came to the forefront.

In complete contrast to my personal life and work life, my public life was characterized by fear, frustration, conflict, disappointment and shame. I felt invisible. Even in my own community I was relatively unknown, despite having a successful energy healing therapy practice for nearly twenty years and a published book that had garnered multiple national and international awards.

A deep knowing and internal drive was moving me toward another shift, another stage of awakening that would bring me fulfillment in all areas of my life. I was very aware of why I felt so invisible – negative beliefs about public vulnerability that were the result of childhood trauma. But despite this awareness, I was having difficulty making this next shift in my life to expand beyond my comfort zone and help people on a bigger scale – my life’s mission.

In the middle of this anguish, I turned to what has always helped – writing. As I began to write what would become my second published book – the book you now reading – movement started happening in my life almost immediately. With the intention of discovering the reasons why I had been in conflict from the day The Other Medicine That Really Works was published, answers came spontaneously. One after another, experiences began occurring on a regular basis that brought information and dramatic insights. New clients arrived with situations that provided more pieces of the puzzle. A series of synchronistic and serendipitous experiences guided me as if I were on some great adventure.

Even though I had reset the course of my life twenty years ago from clinical nurse to transformational entrepreneur, another course correction was needed. I will be revealing the experiences, insights and answers I received as we go through this book together.

The Reset 

In my previous book I shared the history of health care in the U.S. and how, in the name of science, the original intention for health care veered off course over one hundred years ago. Once the U.S. medical industry was set in a materialistic, reductionist, linear direction with an emphasis on biochemical treatment, it has continued in that direction to this day. It is the influence of Eastern spirituality, the scientific discoveries of quantum physics, and the demand of consumers for an approach that really works which is resetting the course of Western health care back to the natural, energy-based, holistic approaches that existed in the U.S. for many, many years.

What is happening in the culture at large is also happening on an individual level. For many of us, the original intention for our lives has long been forgotten, and once we lost our way, often early in life, we have continued on a path of living that is ineffective, unhealthy and lacking in fulfillment.

On the day you were born, you came into this world deserving of love, just for being you. You didn’t have to do anything to deserve love or to earn love. You were born being “enough,” and perfect just as you are. You began life fully equipped and supremely capable of creating happiness, joy and prosperity. This is your original blueprint, the original intention for your life. But somewhere along the way, we forgot who we are. Experiences happened to us that broke our hearts. People that we trusted and believed in said things and did things to us that made us feel unworthy, unlovable and not enough. We became programmed and conditioned to be afraid. We experienced loss of relationships, jobs, health, loved ones and the dream we had for our lives. We became like the people of the kingdom in the parable who completely forgot the great, wise and generous King.  

Just as the course of health care in the West is being reset, the course of your life can be lovingly reset to the path of radiant health, peace, happiness and fulfillment. I am honored to be a part of this reset that is taking place in our society and within those who are awakening. And through this book I will help you remember who you really are – your powerful inner King or Queen. You will be receiving the skills required to return to the throne of your inner castle.

A Request

Before we begin, I have a request to make. You will be reading many stories and descriptions that may remind you of yourself, or perhaps parts of yourself, or behaviors that you aren’t proud of – maybe even ashamed of. As you read, you may also notice bodily reactions in the form of discomfort, tension, or turmoil. You could also feel spacey or “zone out” while reading. I ask you to make an agreement with me now that if any of these thoughts, emotions, or sensations occurs you will refrain from judging. I ask that you not judge your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or bodily reactions as “bad” or “wrong.” We will discuss later in detail why this is so important. But suffice it to say, judging yourself could prevent you from benefitting from the information in this book and block your shift to greater health. Instead, I ask you to observe any judging thoughts or bodily sensations you may have, take some deep breaths, and take note of which passages you react to.

Let’s begin….




Author Bio

HEIDI DUPREE is an award-winning author, energy healing therapist, holistic nurse and Certified Traditional Naturopath with over 35 years of experience in healthcare. After beginning her career in clinical nursing, she transitioned to energy medicine and has studied and practiced energy healing, natural health and the science of transformation for over 20 years, with a private practice in Ashburn, Virginia. Following completion of a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, she became certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board.  Heidi is also an ordained healing minister and a musician. 


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